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Former All-Star Tom Chambers On Chris Paul: "I Think He's As Good Now As I've Ever Seen Him Play."

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Chris Paul has had a long and illustrious career in the league, and yet he is still one of the better point guards in the league today. Even at the age of 36, he is still finding ways to help his team win. As of right now, Chris Paul is averaging 14.1 PPG and 10.5 APG.

Former Phoenix Suns All-Star Tom Chambers has recently explained why Chris Paul has been able to stay at the top and claimed that "he's as good now as I've ever seen him play". Chris Paul may not be in his physical prime, but his mind and experience in the league are still intact.

People talk about LeBron looking like he's not getting older or whatever. But Chris Paul, I think he's as good now as I've ever seen him play. I mean he picks his spots. Last night he started off horribly, he was 0-9. But you knew in the 4th quarter, he wasn't going to miss. I don't know how a person can do that, I really don't.

He gets to the spot he wants to get to. He sets up his teammates... He is so intense out there. He can be a ball buster, but he doesn't let anything go by and he's so competitive... He just knows the game truly better than anyone in the NBA... He's just a master out there... They gave him 3 more years, and I'm not afraid of that at all.

Chris Paul and the Phoenix Suns currently have an 11-3 record, and they have looked like one of the most dangerous teams in the Western Conference. The Suns made the Finals right after they acquired Chris Paul, and it is no surprise that they got better, as every team that he's gone to has increased its win percentage.

It remains to be seen if the Phoenix Suns will get back to the Finals once again this season. The Western Conference is certainly still tough, but we shouldn't bet against them.