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Former Kobe Bryant's Trainer: "One Of His Goal Was For His Daughter To Be The First Female In The NBA."

Vanessa Bryant Changes Instagram Profile Picture To Kobe And Gianna

Kobe Bryant's second daughter, Gianna, was as much or more in love with basketball as his father. The Black Mamba had a terrific NBA career, and the girl wanted to emulate him, but Kobe wanted her to take the next step. 

He always had a special relationship with "GiGi," and the 5x NBA champion apparently had big plans for her professional career. During a recent appearance on Adrian Wojnarowski's "The Woj Pod," former Michael Jordan and Kobe's trainer, Tim Grover, explained that Kobe wanted his daughter to be the first female to play in the NBA. 

"That 'mamba mentality,' it may have stopped on the basketball court but it didn't stop from a competitor standpoint. To me, Kobe had two goals that he set out. One, was for his daughter to be the first female in the NBA. Not the WNBA, the NBA. That's what he was training her for. The second, he goes, 'I own L.A. on the basketball court. I owned that territory for a while, so now I just want to own L.A., whether it's in Hollywood, whether it's from my entrepreneurship, I want to own L.A.'"

Grover had the honor and privilege to work with Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, helping them get to the next level, becoming the biggest stars they were. 

Knowing the big ideas Kobe had, it's not crazy to believe he was actually planning to take GiGi to the NBA instead of the WNBA. She was already expected to become the female GOAT, but sadly, we won't be able to watch her fulfill her dreams. 

Kobe will be inducted into the Hall of Fame this Saturday; this has prompted more people to remember the Black Mamba and everything he did on the court and more. First, Michael Jordan revealed the last conversation he had with the Lakers legend and now Grover talked about the huge plans he had for his daughter. 

Gianna and his father died last year in a fatal helicopter crash alongside seven other people. However, their memories will live on forever.