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Former NBA All-Star On Michael Jordan's Greatness: "It Was Unbearable."

Michael Jordan Bulls

Michael Jeffrey Jordan is widely considered the greatest basketball player ever, and it's clear to see why. Besides the astounding amount of success he achieved over his career, his talent and dominance on the court were unlike anything that came before it (or after).

Coming from the perspective of those who had to guard him, it's common to hear ex-NBA players rave about his skills. Richard Jefferson and Bob Knight are just a few examples.

More recently, Sixers coach (and former NBA All-Star) Doc Rivers spoke up about MJ, and what it was like to go up against him.

(via ESPN)

“Michael had very quick hands,” Rivers said. “And he was very smart in how he used them. The more athletic and dominant you are, the less people give you credit for your intelligence.

“It’s funny, [Larry] Bird and Magic [Johnson], neither of them was a super athlete, so we gave them all this credit for their brains. Well, Michael was just as clever.

“That, combined with his athleticism, made him a suffocating defender. You’re bringing the ball up thinking, ‘Man, is this guy even going to let me get over half court?’ It was unbearable.”

Specifically, it seems Jordan's defense is what impressed Rivers, which is a part of MJ's game that goes largely underrated.

But as the GOAT debates continue to increase in weight, it's important to remember that the Bulls superstar was not just a one-dimensional player. He did it all to a degree that has his competitors remembering it decades later.

Certainly, it just goes to show how good the guy really was.