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Former Suns Coach Last Year: "Devin Booker Will Never Miss Another Playoffs Again"

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Devin Booker and the Phoenix Suns are living a very sweet moment, surprising a lot of people, exceeding expectations and becoming the hottest team in the NBA right now. The young guard has played a key role in his team's success, as he already showed last year in the Orlando bubble. 

Book took his team to an 8-0 run in the bubble, which led a lot of people to think this season was the one when he makes the leap. With the addition of Chris Paul to the roster, the Suns are playing great basketball and Devin has led them to the top of the West and the entire association. 

People saw it coming and including a former Suns head coach predicted Booker will never miss the postseason again after his big performances in the bubble. 

"Devin Booker will never miss another playoffs again!" Earl Watson tweeted back in August 2020. 

Well, the time has shown that Watson was right. Booker is doing great things on the court, beating big rivals to take his squad to the top of the West. He has improved his level season after season and it's finally time to see playoffs Booker activated. 

Back in 2018, Book said he was tired of missing the playoffs and it took longer than expected but he's finally entering the big party with a competitive team. 

“I’m done with not making the playoffs,” Booker said three years ago. “I’m serious. This is probably my last year ever not making the playoffs. If that’s putting pressure on myself, I’m going to take this summer and work that hard so that it doesn’t happen again.” 

The competition is incredibly hard for the Suns this year but Devin and his team are ready to go at it to come out of the West. While the Los Angeles Lakers look weak given all the injuries they've suffered recently, the rest of the conference will try to dethrone them, including these Suns.