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Giannis Antetokounmpo Gets Roasted Online For Poor Skills Challenge Performance: "Certified Non-Bucket Getter..."

Giannis Antetokounmoo Gets Roasted Online For Poor Skills Challenge Performance

Giannis Anatetokounmpo is an absolutely unstoppable force on the basketball court. As a 6x All-Star, 2x MVP, and NBA Champion he has more than proved himself in the league.

Unfortunately, his greatness does not make him immune from the wrath of NBA Twitter.

During Saturday night's skills challenge, Giannis and his brothers formed a three-man crew that looked to pass a test of passing, dribbling, and shooting. The trio ended up doing so bad (they were the first team eliminated) that they got clowned by fans on Twitter.

The Harden reference some fans Tweeted dates back a few years now. Back in 2020, Harden threw some shade at the Greek Freak by saying his game requires "no skill."

"I wish I could just be 7 feet and run and dunk. That takes no skill at all," he told ESPN's Rachel Nichols. "I actually have to learn how to play basketball and have skill. I'll take that any day."

While it might be a stretch to say Giannis' game requires no skill at all, a case can be made that a guy like Harden and others (who do not have the luxury of being Giannis' size) have to develop more skills to be successful in the game.

The skills challenge, at least to some, illuminates Harden's point. Regardless, the blame cannot fall all on Giannis.

The Antetokounmpo brothers are among the NBA's most well-known and beloved families. They clearly have some talent and had some fun on Saturday, but it's no surprise that Alex and Thanasis had some trouble carrying their weight.

As for Antetokounmpo, he has never been known as a shooter, but he finds other ways to dominate the game. He knows how to use his body and size to get easy shots around the rim.

Sadly, he can't really use those to his advantage during the skills challenge.