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Giannis Antetokounmpo Gets Selected For His Own All-Time Starting 5: "No Way!"

Giannis Antetokounmpo Gets Selected For His Own All-Time Starting 5: "No Way!"

The NBA offseason is in full effect right now, with players changing teams via free agency, others being on the trade block and the rest just getting ready to face the upcoming 2022/23 campaign. This is a great time to spend quality time with their families and get ready for another big challenge.

Giannis Antetokounmpo is one of those taking advantage of these moments, traveling around the world, sending dirty messages to his wife on social media, and even commenting on recent developments in the NBA. Antetokounmpo also premiered his biopic 'Rise' on Disney, sending big messages to those who dream to achieve big things. 

Meanwhile, Giannis is trying some features on his cellphone and recently was selected for his own All-Time Starting lineup. The player took to Instagram to use a filter that selects five players for a hypothetical starting lineup. Antetokounmpo tried and was surprised when his name popped up. 

First, Jerry West was selected. Then, a fellow Milwaukee Bucks legend followed, with Oscar Robertson getting picked second. After that, New York Knicks legend Patrick Ewing showed up, before Giannis made his appearance. He was ecstatic after that, celebrating and laughing before continuing with the lineup. 

"Wait, no way!" Giannis shouted. 

Last but not least, Dennis Rodman closed out this lineup, completing a very talented team, especially on defense. 

These hypothetical lineups and scenarios have become a common thing around the league. Fans do them on a daily basis, but it's always interesting to see the picks of former and current players. 

Antetokounmpo isn't shy about expressing his opinion, being always respectful of others, and most of the time having a smile on his face. This video wasn't the exception, especially when he saw his name and picture on the phone. 

The Milwaukee Bucks will try to get revenge next season after losing to the Boston Celtics in the second round of the playoffs this year. Giannis is looking for revenge, and he won't rest until he gets another Larry O'Brien trophy.