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Giannis On NBA Conditions: 'My Apartment In Greece, When I Was Younger, With My Four Brothers, Was Way Smaller.'

(via The Union Journal)

(via The Union Journal)

Unlike several NBA players, Giannis Antetokoumnpo didn't grow up in a privileged environment. He and his four brothers had to sell stuff in the streets and share a pair of sneakers to play basketball growing up.

More than that, the Greek Freak has never left fame and wealth change who he is. He's a simple guy with a lot of love for his family that just wants to play basketball and win an NBA Championship.

So, unlike most NBA players, he's got no complaints whatsoever about the Orlando bubble. He said a couple of days ago that his apartment in Greece with his four brothers was smaller than his suite, so he was ok with leaving his mansion to attend the Disney campus.

And when a reporter asked him about that statement, Giannis doubled down on his words, claiming that he's just trying to enjoy the moment:

"When I said that three days ago I was joking, obviously, but it was the truth. My situation is that I'm extremely blessed and I cannot complain. Obviously, that's about how you are in life, there's always something to complain, but I try to, like, not focus on that so as I said, my apartment in Greece, when I was younger, with my four brothers, was way smaller than the suite that I have here in the hotel so I just have to try to enjoy the moment and do something special. Hopefully, you know, this will never happen again (...) but at the end of the day this is part of history so just being able to be here and participate in this - I'm trying to enjoy the moment," The reigning MVP said via Zoom.

For most people, life inside the bubble doesn't seem that bad at all. But when you're making dozens of millions of dollars a year, you get a little spoiled. Fortunately, not everybody has forgotten about where they come from.