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GOAT To GOAT: Michael Jordan Gave Tiger Woods Dating Advice In A Las Vegas Nightclub: "You Tell Them You’re Tiger Woods"

Credit: AP

Credit: AP

Michael Jordan has been known for being very talented around women and he's didn't hesitate to share his knowledge with other people trying to attract ladies. There are several stories about MJ and his talents with the ladies and one of those involve golf GOAT, Tiger Woods.

Woods' documentary premiered last Sunday and in part II we'll see how he started going to Las Vegas to party, led by Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley. Us Weekly revealed the story we're about to see in the second episode of the documentary, with one person very familiar with the situation explaining how things went for the group.

According to Tiffany Masters, a former VIP host in Las Vegas, the hosts would pick out girls to party with Woods, Jordan and Barkley during their trips to Sin City,

“In that entourage, Tiger was a bit of a geek,” Masters said.

Author Armen Keteyian also claimed Woods sought girl advice from Jordan. “Michael, to ever-loving credit, goes, ‘You tell them you’re Tiger Woods,’” Keteyian said. “His ability to live a double-life, it started in Vegas.”

Well, Woods always made it clear that he was looking up to Jordan in his early days and he tried to emulate MJ in almost every aspect. Back in 1997, the golfer told Oprah Winfrey how he met Jordan and how they became good friends.

“I guess my association with Nike did help that. But Mike’s in position where I think my life is going. And I went through some problems, I didn’t know how to handle certain situations. Like dealing with visibility, loss of privacy, articles, just people in general, and Mike helped me out because Mike has already been there," Woods said, via Golf.

“He’s established himself as probably the best basketball player that’s ever lived, and he’s so well-known that what better person to relate to me than not a movie star, celebrity or anything like that but a guy who’s down to earth, who’s an athlete, who can relate to another athlete. And Mike is almost like my big brother right now.”

Well, now we know more details about their relationship and all the things they did together while partying. Woods saw his life go downhill after he was discovered cheating on his wife with several women. The documentary is focused on that and this Sunday we'll get to know more details about how that started.