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Gregg Popovich Is 1 Win Away From Having The Most Coaching Wins In NBA History

Gregg Popovich Is 1 Win Away From Having The Most Coaching Wins In NBA History

Coaches sometimes fly under the radar in terms of credit when teams win championships in the NBA. This isn't that surprising considering how superstar-driven the sport and the league has always been. But there are some whose greatness simply cannot be denied and the sustained success they have achieved has made them household names over the years. Phil Jackson, Red Auerbach, Pat Riley, everyone knows these names, and perhaps the greatest of the modern era is Gregg Popovich.

Coach Pop is the longest-tenured coach in any American sports league currently, he has been with the San Antonio Spurs since 1996. In that time, he built one of the most consistent and relentless sides the NBA has ever seen and led them to 5 NBA titles in 3 different decades. And the playoff success has never come off the back of overlooking the regular season, in fact, Popovich is on the cusp of making history on that front. 

After his Spurs team beat the Los Angeles Lakers on Monday night, Popovich tied Don Nelson's NBA record for the most regular-season wins at 1,335. His next win will see him move clear of Nelson and indeed, everyone else, as the coach with the most regular-season wins in the history of the NBA. Coach Pop was already 3rd on our list of the Top 25 coaches in league history and this milestone is another feather in his cap that further strengthens his argument to be considered the greatest ever. 

It's important to note that Popovich has achieved the record in 5 seasons and over 350 games less than Don Nelson did. His career-winning percentage of .658 is truly brilliant considering how long he has been a top coach in the league. While the Spurs are unlikely to make the playoffs this season with their 25-40 record, Pop should be able to collect a few more wins before the campaign is over. His opportunity to surpass the record will come on Wednesday night against the Toronto Raptors.