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Hall Of Famer Bobby Dandridge Picks Kareem Abdul-Jabbar As The GOAT: "There Was No Defense Against Him"

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Even though he's done enough merits to sit at the top of the GOAT conversation, not many people bring in Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's name when discussing that subject.

Kareem won championships at every single level. He won a record 6 NBA MVPs, led the league in blocks 4 times, won 6 rings, 2 Finals MVPs, was Rookie of the Year, 2-time Scoring Champion, 11-time All-Defensive, 19-time All-Star, and is the league's all-time leading scorer.

But more than that, Kareem changed the game with his never-before-seen moves and was an unstoppable force for most of his career. That's why Hall of Famer Bobby Dandridge believes that he's the GOAT:

“I definitely feel that he’s the greatest player of all time. Clyde is right with that weapon. There was no defense against Kareem and that weapon," Dandridge said on SiriusXM NBA Radio.

“And then he had a lot of information about the game. Kareem played with good players throughout his career, going back to Power Memorial and on the playground of New York City," he added.

Dandridge also spoke about how much of an immediate impact Kareem made in the league. Unlike many stars, it didn't take long for him to taste the ultimate glory of winning an NBA Championship:

“It didn’t take Kareem maybe 5 or 6 years to win a championship. Kareem has been a champion at every level, and a distinctive champion, cause I think at UCLA they may have won at least 2 maybe 3 national championships. And then in his second year in Milwaukee, he was able to win another championship, and then he won another couple championships with the Lakers," Dandridge concluded.

Dandridge makes some strong points right there, and Kareem should definitely get way more love when we talk about the GOATs of the NBA.