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Horace Grant Talks About His Unsteady Relationship With Michael Jordan

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Michael Jordan accused his former teammate Horace Grant of being a 'snitch' and leaking information to Sam Smith, author of the book 'Jordan Rules'. Smith revealed a lot of things happening behind the scenes in the Chicago Bulls, especially with Jordan and the way he treated his teammates. Some details took Jordan to point out at Grant as the 'snitch' of the group and now the big man has broken his silence.

Grant joined 'Pardon My Take' in recent days, where he talked about his relationship with MJ, all the rumors saying he gave Smith inside information of the Bulls and more. He explained that Smith had quoted several other players in the book, including Bill Cartwright and John Paxson among others. He added that Smith talked with assistant coaches, Phil Jackson and even played golf with Jordan himself.

"I don't know where did they come with that I was the source behind the book. That's a straight-up lie," Grant said.

Horace also talked about the relationship with Jordan and how things changed after the book was published. Both players had a common goal and that was what brought them together initially.

"Michael and I really didn't have a great relationship. We respected each other as teammates in terms of us having one goal and that goal was winning a championship. We didn't hang out that much off the court. He had his friends, I had my friends. (...) As for changing, I think, we weren't close at all during that time."

MJ and Grant never had the best relationship of all off the court and that book only made things worse. Horace admitted Michael didn't want him on the team, which led to the power forward leaving the Bulls to join the Orlando Magic.

It was Smith himself who claimed Jordan would ask staff not to feed Grant if he had bad game, telling people he 'didn't deserve to eat'.

He would go to win one more championship with the Los Angeles Lakers in 2001, racking up 4 throughout his career. He never was Jordan's favorite teammates and it looks like every piece fell into place for Jordan to get rid of Grant.