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Houston Rockets Players Yelled At Kevin Porter Jr. To Get The Rebound To Complete His First-Ever Triple-Double

Houston Rockets Players Yelled At Kevin Porter Jr. To Get The Rebound To Complete His First Ever Triple-Double

Achieving a triple-double is a big achievement for any NBA player. While someone like Russell Westbrook has made it look so easy over the last few seasons, a triple-double is a true challenge. Players have to be locked in on all aspects of the game in order to get a triple-double.

But sometimes, if you're lucky, your teammates will help keep you focused and achieve this feat. That is exactly what the Houston Rockets did for Kevin Porter Jr. last night in their game against the Oklahoma City Thunder. Porter Jr. was one rebound away from a triple-double, but probably forgot and started running up the court.

Luckily, his Rockets' teammates remembered and reminded him. As Porter Jr. was running up the court, they yelled at him to run back and grab the rebound, having left it for him to collect and achieve his triple-double. It was truly a nice moment that showed the team camaraderie between the Rockets players.

Porter Jr. has actually been having a great season so far. He's been averaging 13.4 points per game and has been continuing his steady development in Houston. Given the Rockets' young core, it has given Porter Jr. the perfect platform to develop his game.

Playing alongside rookie sensation Jalen Green, Porter Jr. has been able to improve his play. Without a bright spotlight on him, Porter Jr. has been provided with the opportunity to continue his progress. Over the next few years, Porter Jr. will look to continue getting better and maybe even become a key player on a contending team.

Perhaps Porter Jr.'s first triple-double will be the catalyst for him to get even better this season. But it was a good sign that Porter Jr. forgot about the triple-double, as it means that he was more concerned about the team's play rather than his own stats.