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Isiah Thomas Claims LeBron James Is The Greatest All-Around Player Of All-Time

LeBron James Becomes Youngest NBA Player Ever To Reach 36,000 Points

LeBron James is one of the greatest players that the game of basketball has ever seen, and there's no doubt that he's a generational talent. In his prime, he dominated the Eastern Conference, and even in year 19, he is still playing at a high level. Currently, LeBron James is averaging 28.7 PPG, 7.4 RPG, and 6.6 APG, and his offensive production is still one of a superstar. His longevity has been absolutely stunning.

Recently, Pistons legend Isiah Thomas has claimed that LeBron James is the "greatest all-around player" of all time. Isiah Thomas got the opportunity to play against Michael Jordan, so this is clearly some big praise towards LeBron James from the former point guard.

It is crazy to think that LeBron James has won 4 titles over the course of his career, and has been to the Finals 10 times. He has very few weaknesses on the court. Earlier in his career people used to say that LeBron James' lack of perimeter shooting was a flaw. However, LeBron James has developed his perimeter game throughout the course of his career, and he is currently shooting 36.5% from beyond the arc on 7.9 attempts per game. As far as all-around players go, few can match LeBron James historically and currently.

While LeBron James has been playing well on an individual level, the Los Angeles Lakers have had some struggles over the course of the season. They have taken some time to gel and have been inconsistent, but have recently gone on a 4-game winning streak, with Malik Monk leading them to their most recent victory against the Atlanta Hawks. We'll see if they are able to continue their upward surge going forwards. They could definitely keep improving, and counting out a team that has LeBron James leading it is certainly ill-advised.