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Isiah Thomas Praises LeBron James After He Reaches 10K Assists: "Unbelievable Basketball Player, Once In A Lifetime."

Isiah Thomas Praises LeBron James After He Reaches 10K Assists: "Unbelievable Basketball Player, Once In A Lifetime."

LeBron James continues to set incredible record after incredible record, he became the only player in NBA history to reach 30K points, 10K rebounds, and 10K assists after reaching the assists milestone in a loss to the Phoenix Suns. Even if the game itself was overshadowed by the loss for the Los Angeles Lakers, LBJ's achievement was still celebrated across the league. 

While a lot of the game's older players tend to look down on the modern game for being too soft, Isiah Thomas is someone that has always given current NBA stars their props every time they achieve something monumental. This situation was no different, with the 2-time champion taking to Twitter to give James very high praise for his latest achievement. 

"Unbelievable Basketball Player once in a lifetime, King James. Let it be Known."

The all-around game that James has played since he arrived in the NBA in 2003 and his ability to be a major factor in every aspect of the game is something that the league has not seen before. To be able to carry the playmaking duties at his size and still bear the weight of the scoring for a majority of his career is simply transcendental and something that sets LBJ apart from everyone who came before him. 

LeBron is still chasing the all-time regular-season scoring record set by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and the fact that he's leading the league in points per game in his 19th year means that he'll likely make it happen as well. While Michael Jordan remains the GOAT for many, LeBron's relentless quality has seen him come closer to Jordan than any other player has managed. 

Of course, winning more championships is a necessity for James to make a dent in that particular conversation, and this season has shown that while he can still perform at a high level, his team needs to be reasonably good for him to get the job done. This season seems to be a wash for the Lakers but with the rate at which he is going, LeBron might still have a few more opportunities left.