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Isiah Thomas Really Hates Michael Jordan: “Head-To-Head, I Was Dominant Over Jordan. He Just Wasn't My Competition. My Focus Was Bird, Magic, Dr. J, Kareem.”

(via The Source)

(via The Source)

Michael Jordan's rivalry with Isiah Thomas and the 'Bad Boys' Detroit Pistons was documented during his MJ's award-winning docuseries 'The Last Dance.' It wasn't until Jordan got past the Pistons that he could win the NBA championship with his Bulls, creating a big rivalry with Thomas and co. in the process.

MJ revealed his true feelings about Thomas and his teammates on The Last Dance, which was a total 'surprise' for the point guard. Thomas recently spoke with Shannon Sharpe, claiming that he didn't know Jordan felt that way about him.

“It seems like it was only one person that had a problem with it, and that was Jordan. At that time, I didn’t realize, and even until I watched The Last Dance; I didn’t realize he felt the way he felt about me. I never had bad words with him or anything like that. We played, his team won, my team won, we went home, and they went home.”

Even though he was surprised, Thomas didn't miss the chance to shade His Airness, claiming that he wasn't 'his competition.'

“Head-to-head, I was dominant over Jordan. He just wasn't my competition. My focus was Bird, Magic, Dr. J, Kareem.”

This is nothing new for Thomas, who has become an expert in trashing Jordan whenever he has the chance. He recently picked LeBron James as the GOAT, stating that we'll never see another player like him. This is understandable since many people think the same, but Thomas also picked five players as the greatest of all time, going with Bill Russell, Kareem, Dr. J, himself, and LeBron James.

He never mentioned Michael Jordan unless it was to trash talk him, as he did when he said he beat Larry Bird, Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan while they all were in their primes.

Fans are already tired of this and Zeke throwing shade at MJ, but the 2x NBA champion doesn't seem to bother about that. He's now considered one of the biggest haters of Jordan and everybody is convinced he can't get over the fact that he was left out of the 1992 Dream Team.