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Ja Morant Blames Himself After Grizzlies Lose To 1-12 Pelicans: "I Gotta Do More"

Ja Morant On His Motivations For This Season: "I Feel Like It Took Me Averaging 35 Points A Game To Finally Get Some All-Star Recognition. I Was In Position To Be An All-Star My First Two Years And Didn’t Make It. That Bothered Me A Lot."

Ja Morant is having a blockbuster season so far and has made the biggest leap in his performance among all players in the NBA right now. But despite the Memphis Grizzlies' hot start, they are starting to fall off.

Morant has been the tip of the Grizzlies' offensive spear, and he has been great at poking holes through the opposition defense. Only the Grizzlies have been able to defeat the Golden State Warriors this season, and it came after Morant led the charge from a 19-point deficit.

Surprisingly, the Grizzlies lost to the New Orleans Pelicans, who were 1-12 before the fixture, and Morant is blaming himself for not doing enough.

Despite getting Brandon Ingram back, the Pelicans were supposed to be easy pickings considering the Grizzlies' form. That is, perhaps, why Morant is being hard on himself.

After the loss, Morant took to Twitter to express himself. He said:

"I gotta do more."

While he did not say much, the message was clear. Looking at Morant's statline, it might be shocking to hear him speak in such a manner. However, Morant is fueled by what he sees as an All-Star snub in the last two seasons and is looking to get the nod this season.

The Grizzlies are occupying the ninth position in the Western Conference standings with a 6-7 record. To guarantee a playoff seeding directly, especially now that teams are slacking off, Morant and the Grizzlies will need to perform better every other night.

The 2020 NBA Rookie of the year is averaging 26.2 points, 6.5 rebounds, and 7.4 assists in 13 games played this season. He has also gotten more active on defense, averaging 1.7 steals per game.

In the loss against the Pelicans, Morant was one rebound shy of recording a triple-double. He ended the game with 22 points, ten assists, and nine rebounds. While those are not exactly poor numbers, he has shown that he can deliver more but will need a lot of help from his supporting cast.