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Ja Morant Supports Desmond Bane Trash Talking LeBron James: "I Loved It, Because It Just Shows No Matter Who It Is, Our Guys Don't Back Down."

Desmond Bane and LeBron James

The Memphis Grizzlies have been one of the league's best teams this year. They are currently 35-18, and 3rd in the Western Conference. They have found success due to Ja Morant's ascendance to being an All-NBA caliber player, and great young supplementary players like Desmond Bane.

Earlier this year, during the time the Memphis Grizzlies faced the Los Angeles Lakers, Desmond Bane was notably involved in an argument with LeBron James due to his trash talk. LeBron James was clearly unhappy with what was said and tried to confront Desmond Bane during the game.

Ja Morant revealed his thoughts on the incident claiming that everyone on the Memphis Grizzlies is "still fans" of LeBron James. However, he also added that he "loved" seeing what Bane did, as that incident "shows that no matter who it is, our guys don't back down". Tim MacMahon of ESPN relayed the news.

"All of us on our team pretty much grew up watching [James] play," Morant says later. "All of us are still fans of this guy. We know he's one of the greatest ever to touch a basketball, but inside those four lines, if you're buddy-buddy, you're lost. That's pretty much what went into it. Bron is a big-time competitor and Des is the same way.

"Seeing those guys go at it was funny to me. I loved it, because it just shows that no matter who it is, our guys don't back down."

It is clear that the Memphis Grizzlies as a whole are confident in their abilities and that doesn't change even when playing against one of the best players in the league. They are a physical, athletic, and defensively tough young team, with some solid veterans like Steven Adams on the roster. 

There is no doubt that the Memphis Grizzlies could potentially be a threat in the Western Conference. They'll be tough to face in a 7-game series, and it is evident they'll give any top-tier contender a run for their money.