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Jacob Blake Sr. Reveals NBA Players Called Him For Input On Whether To Continue With Postseason

(via Chicago Tribune)

(via Chicago Tribune)

Following the death of George Floyd, thousands of people rose up all across the globe, calling for police accountability and an end to racial profiling. Protests, public statements, riots, and "cancel culture" were used to instill change and stomp out the roots of racism still prevalent in our society today.

But after another shooting took place in Kenosha, Wisconsin, NBA players took things to another level by boycotting their games and taking action to ensure justice was brought to the victim, Jacob Blake.

In a chat with ESPN's Dave McMenamin, Blake revealed that players have been calling him, and even sought his advice on whether or not to continue the season.

"Five minutes after they walked off the court, they were on the phone with me," Blake Sr. told ESPN on Saturday. "It touched me so deeply that I shed tears over the phone. They could hear me crying. Giannis [Antetokounmpo] told me I made him cry in front of the whole team. I didn't intend to make them cry. They felt me and I felt them. I am the newest Milwaukee Bucks fan."

Following the call with the Bucks on Wednesday, Blake Sr. was invited to virtually join the emergency meeting called by the 13 NBA teams remaining in the league's Orlando bubble Wednesday night to discuss their options: continuing the Bucks' protest and abandoning the rest of the postseason or finding a path to return to play.

While Blake Sr. said technical difficulties cut his video conference call short, he was bowled over by the gesture.

"I couldn't tell those young fellas what to do; it's their livelihood, their life," he said. "But I was just floored that they would even consider asking me what they should do."

The NBA has been ground zero in the fight against racism and police brutality. And while last week was the first time they went so far as to boycott their games, it should be no surprise that they were actively engaging with the Blake family throughout the whole process.

These players have a heart for the community and want to see a world where anyone, regardless of skin color, can live without fear.

Hopefully, that dream can become a reality one day.