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Jalen Brunson Expected To Receive Four-Year, $85M Contract In Free Agency

Jalen Brunson Will Reportedly Return To Dallas Mavericks This Summer

25-year-old Jalen Brunson is about to secure a giant payday. After an incredible season with the Mavericks, he has become quite the hot commodity within the association.

According to NBA insider Marc Stein, the young stud is expected to receive a contract in free agency that “meets or even exceeds” $85M:

It has been known throughout the league that Thibodeau has wanted Rick Brunson on his staff from the moment he joined the Knicks entering the 2020-21 season and not because it will help New York lure Rick's son Jalen Brunson away from the Mavericks in free agency this summer. The Knicks would be the most serious threat to sign Brunson away from Dallas, with or without his father's presence, if they had the requisite salary-cap space. But New York still must move out multiple players — likely starting with Kemba Walker — to create the needed flexibility to sign Brunson. After cementing himself this season as Dallas' second-most reliable player behind Luka Doncic, Brunson is expected to command a contract in free agency that meets or even exceeds Fred VanVleet's recent four-year, $85 million deal with Toronto. VanVleet was undrafted; Brunson was a second-round pick (No. 33 overall) in 2018.

Brunson, 25, just finished the best season of his career. In 79 games, he averaged 16.3 points, 4.8 assists, and 3.9 rebounds per game on 50% shooting. In the playoffs, he stepped up big-time to provide a boost for the Mavs and help carry them to the Conference Finals.

This summer, Brunson will be an unrestricted free agent and his play will net him a near-max deal. Where that leaves Luka and the Mavericks remains to be seen, but it would not serve in their best interest if he's not on the roster this fall.