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Jalen Rose: "If LeBron James Really Wanna Go Win A Championship, He Needs To Go To Cleveland And Play For The Minimum."

LeBron James Has A Better Chance To Win A Championship With The Cavaliers Than The Lakers

Speaking on ESPN's 'Get Up,' former NBA swingman Jalen Rose made a shocking statement about LeBron James.

Rose, who has gone face-to-face with LeBron in the past, suggested that the 18x All-Star should leave the Lakers and re-join his former team in Cleveland for the veteran minimum.

“If LeBron really wanna go win a championship, you know what he needs to do? He go to Cleveland and play for the minimum,” Rose said on ESPN’s Get Up. “That’s what he actually needs to do. Not force them to give up any of their young assets like Garland and Mobley, who were terrific this weekend, along with Jarrett Allen. Sexton is still a part of their group, period.”

According to Jalen, it's the best for LeBron to win another ring -- and he may be right. After leading the Purple and Gold to a title in 2020, James proved he could win in basketball's most prestigious organization.

Since that run, team GM Rob Pelinka has failed to build a contender and the team appears to be headed in a dark direction. 

“He’s already won his championship in LA and that’s okay,” Rose continued. “… When you’re a member of the Lakers, they’re like, ‘What have you done for me lately? We won (the championship) way before you, we hope to win it after you.’ So now when they’re not in a contender position, it looks odd to so many people.”

The Cavaliers aren't as LeBron left them. Through the draft, and several trades, they've built a talented core that has emerged as one of the best in basketball.

Darius Garland, Jarret Allen, Evan Mobley, and even Collin Sexton, are long-term pieces that are helping to build a promising future for the Cavs.

If LeBron is willing to join (which he hinted at during the All-Star break) and take a pay cut in the process, it could very well lead to another Larry O'Brien trophy.

For now, it is nothing but speculation.