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Jalen Rose Says 'Kyrie Irving’s Return' Will Help James Harden: “He Re-Energizes Harden And Starts To Be A Little More Engaged”

Jalen Rose Says 'Kyrie Irving’s Return' Will Help James Harden: “He Re-Energizes Harden And Starts To Be A Little More Engaged”

The Brooklyn Nets are currently leading the Eastern Conference with a record of 21-9. With the Big 3 of Kevin Durant, James Harden, and Kyrie Irving, the fans already expected this dominance. But the biggest point in the success of the Nets is the fact that Kyrie Irving is yet to play a single game this season for the team.

Additionally, James Harden isn't his usual self, where he scores points with ease. So basically, it's just Durant and the rest of the team that has helped the Nets stay on top of their conference. Well, that will change soon as it was recently revealed that Irving will be allowed to play for the Nets, albeit as a part-time player.

Meaning, Kyrie cannot play in the home games for the Nets, due to the COVID-19 vaccination guidelines in Brooklyn. But in cities where there are no strict guidelines about the guidelines, Irving can feature on the team.

Since Kyrie is all set to make a return, there are many theories about what his comeback could mean for the team. Former NBA player-turned-analyst Jalen Rose also gave his two cents in the discussion.

“I think once Kyrie returns, he re-energizes Harden and starts to be a little more engaged. I’ve seen moments where we saw the throwback James Harden of Houston. But, I’ve seen too many moments of him not looking like one of the Top 75 players of all time. And if you don’t believe me, there are so many stats to prove this... I thought when Kyrie Irving was not playing, the James Harden productivity would be elite. It has not been. He has not even really been ballin’ like we know he’s capable. So, I think putting Kyrie back re-infuses Harden as well, because KD has been terrific."

(starts at 1:50)

As Rose said, Kyrie's return could be monumental for the Nets. For starters, it will allow the team to rely on three great scorers at any given time. Secondly, it will help Harden in playing his natural game, which is to score at his will.

Without Irving on the floor, at times, Harden has been forced to take on the role of a playmaker rather than a scorer for the team. This is arguably one of the reasons for the Beard's underwhelming performances this season.

Hopefully, that changes when Kyrie returns to the roster and helps the team in winning more games in the regular season.