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James Harden Explains How He Will Fit With Kevin Durant And Kyrie Irving

(via CBS Sports)

(via CBS Sports)

The arrival of James Harden in the Brooklyn Nets is considered a great move by some and a time bomb by others. The Beard come from a tumultuous ending of his tenure in Houston and a lot of fans are concerned about possible chemistry issues between Harden and his new teammates, especially Kyrie Irving.

Well, Harden has shown his willingness to sacrifice for the team's sake, as he's focused on winning and nothing else. During his first press conference as apart of the Nets, Harden talked with B/R's Taylor Rooks, where he explained how he will fit with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. Harden explained that his game needs to change and he needs to adapt to the rest of the players on the roster. He can be a facilitator but also take care of things when he feels it's the right time.

“I think for me, my playmaking ability. We have two elite scorers that the world knows already. My job is to come out here score with the basketball obviously when needed but my playmaking ability, whereas getting our shooters shots, getting our big finishes around the rim and making the entire team better.”

When used as a point guard, Harden exceeded with the Rockets. He knows he can be good at that item and he let reporters know. He can be a great facilitator and the Nets will need that Harden this season.

“I think that’s one aspect of my game that will excel in this offense. And as long as I’m making my teammates better, it doesn’t matter about the points. I think everybody knows that I can score the ball at a high clip and that’s where the sacrifice comes in at.”

These three players can do great things with the Nets but they need to make sacrifices for the greater good. The Nets are pursuing their first-ever NBA championship and with this Big 3, they are expected to at least win the East this season. Harden has expressed his willingness to help his team at anything they need and that should be good for Brooklyn.