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James Harden Learns Firsthand About New NBA Foul Rules When He Doesn’t Get The Call For A Three-Pointer

James Harden Seemingly Tells Fans To Be Patient Over His Poor Start To The Season: “Don’t Stress, Don’t Rush It.”

James Harden is considered one of the greatest offensive players in NBA history. The former MVP and Sixth Man Of The Year has proven himself to be a lethal scorer and an incredibly difficult player to guard over the years. His offensive game is what makes him such a valuable member of the Nets roster. 

For Harden, one of the biggest assets he has in his offensive game is his quickness. Harden is one of the fastest players with the ball in his hands across the league. And in the blink of an eye, Harden can get himself to the basket and score for his team with ease.

This quickness also became useful for Harden as a scorer, as he was able to draw fouls very easily. Over the last few years, Harden has been one of the most fouled players in the NBA and goes to the free-throw line on several occasions during a game.

But perhaps that skill may be redundant, after the NBA's recent rule change on calling fouls. With an eye on improving officiating, the NBA decided to crack down on foul rules, making it harder for offensive players to intentionally draw a foul, something Steph Curry learned during his preseason game against the Trail Blazers.

And it appears James Harden met the same fate. During the Nets' preseason game against the Philadelphia 76ers, Harden took a three-point shot while simultaneously drawing the foul. He was shocked when the call wasn't given and was even caught arguing with the referee after the play was done.

Harden's innate ability to garner contact and make his way to the free-throw line is what made him so dangerous and allowed him to lead the NBA in scoring on multiple occasions.

In fact, Harden has drawn more three-point shooting fouls than all teams in the NBA except the Houston Rockets, whom he represented for the majority of his career. But with the rule changes being implemented, perhaps James will find it a lot tougher to get to the free-throw line in comparison to the past.