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James Harden Reveals How Much Money It Would Take For Him To Shave His Beard

James Harden Reveals How Much Money It'd Take For Him To Shave His Beard

Despite his incredible play, the most iconic aspect of James Harden is his beard. His facial hair has been such a recognizable part of him for the majority of his career, so much so, that his primary nickname is 'The Beard'. But would James Harden ever shave his beard?

Well, according to Harden himself, he would do it for the right amount of money. During an interview in 2018, Harden was asked what it would take for him to shave his beard. Harden agreed to the $10 million that the interviewer quoted, and nothing less. He also mentioned that he would shave it because it would grow right back.

“Oh yea, I would cut it. I mean because it’s going to grow right back. Yeah, $10 million minimum is where I am like ‘alright.'”

Clearly, it is not about the money for Harden, and shaving his beard wouldn't be an inconvenience. Fans reacted to these comments from Harden online, with most acknowledging how unrecognizable Harden would be without his beard, which has become part of his legacy in the NBA.

if harden cuts his beard then kyrie has to get the vaccine 😂

He had 2 front teeth over his 2 front teeth

Must be nice to say a million isn’t enough 😂

He said 10 but he has a deal that got him 200 million there’s something funny about money you don’t have access to all of your money when you’re a certain amount of rich

Aye anybody got ten mill I can borrow ?? 😭😭😭😭

nahhhh lmao he needs his full beard to be at full skill 😂

Elon…you know what you gotta do

Feel like we gon put a. Gofundme in a minute just for this 😂😂😂

I mean … we did already

I’m with James on this one 😂

He need to cut it. Makes his lips look ridiculous.

Eating bbq must feel like trash for him though

He is smoking with lil baby again he would cut his beard for way less then 10

Probz looks like a noob without the beard, not everybody looks great without one

Biggest part of his “brand” is zero defense and selfishness

No one really wants to see Harden lose the beard. And the truth of the matter is, Harden probably doesn't want to cut his beard. If he did, he would have done it by now. Other than a light trim to keep it in check once in a while, Harden hasn't ever gotten rid of the beard since entering the NBA.

Maybe someday Harden will decide to shave the beard. It's unlikely, given that Harden has become so attached to the beard, and it is a big part of his identity now. Maybe one day, before he retires, we will see the return of beardless Harden.