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James Harden Selfishness Was The Reason Why Russell Westbrook, Chris Paul And Dwight Howard Didn't Want To Play With Him

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

It seems like the Houston Rockets are quickly falling apart. Following yet another failure in the playoffs, they lost Daryl Morey and Mike D'Antoni, and now it seems like they're on the verge of having to break up their entire roster.

Reports claim that PJ Tucker isn't happy with his salary, Austin Rivers, Eric Gordon, and Danuel House don't care for the way they've been used in the offense and the minutes they've been playing, Russell Westbrook wants to be traded, and James Harden has been exposed as a difficult teammate to play with.

As a matter of fact, even Stefan Bondy of New York Daily News recently reported that, according to an unnamed teammate, James Harden's selfishness is the reason why Dwight Howard, Chris Paul, and now Russell Westbrook don't want to play with him:

"Harden iso ball has claimed another teammate. It’s good in theory but Chris Paul, Dwight Howard and Russell Westbrook didn’t last long before wanting out. Rockets need a bunch of Trevor Ariza’s and PJ Tucker’s." Bondy tweeted.

Harden is a ball-dominant player who needs to have as many shots as he can to make an impact on the game. Paul, Howard, and Westbrook have all shared the court with a player like that at some point in their careers.

However, it seems like Harden's selfishness co transcend the hardwood and those kinds of reports aren't going to help the Houston Rockets' chances to land a star player in return for Russell Westbrook, assuming they're able to find him a new home. We'll have to wait and see, but it looks like they have a problem in Houston.