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James Worthy Is Happy With The Lakers Adding Russell Westbrook: "What We’re Gonna Get With Russell Is What LeBron Has Been Needing For Some Time…"

Kendrick Perkins Praises The LeBron James Russell Westbrook Duo: '... Name A Team Just In The Western Conference That Could Beat This Lakers Team Fully Healthy In A 7-Game Series And I'll Wait'

The Russell Westbrook addition put the Los Angeles Lakers one level higher than they were last season. The purple and gold assembled a superteam with LeBron James and Anthony Davis and several experienced veterans that will add an extra to the Lakers squad. 

Lakers fans and former players are excited to see what this team will bring to the table. Even though there are doubts about the fit between LeBron James and Russell Westbrook, the players vowed to put their egos aside for the team's sake. 

For example, James Worthy believes Russ is exactly what Bron has missed in the past couple of seasons. A player with that intensity will bring a lot of benefits for the team, especially in the postseason, when leaders step up to cheer up the rest of the squad. 

"Russell Westbrook is a huge welcome to the Los Angeles Lakers. What we’re gonna get with Russell is what LeBron has been needing for some time… Competitive player, been in the league long enough to know exactly where he is and what he needs to do…He’s the perfect match for this team, his mentality is contagious. The way he plays every night. He doesn’t take a minute off. He’s gonna bring so much to the table.”

Just like Worthy, the rest of Lakers Nation is hyped with Brodie teaming up with Bron and AD. This Lakers team is poised to make a lot of noise in the upcoming NBA season, trying to avenge their early elimination in last year's playoff. 

They are title favorites along with the Brooklyn Nets. Watching these two squads going at it in the Finals would be the perfect scenario for fans, but we still need to wait and see if they can do the job in their respective conferences.