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James Worthy Smoked A Cigar In The Studio And Hilariously Destroyed The Boston Celtics

James Worthy Smoking A Cigar In The Studio And Hilariously Destroying The Boston Celtics

The Los Angeles Lakers-Boston Celtics rivalry is one of the greatest in NBA history. Most teams are fighting for dominance in a city but for the Lakers and Celtics, it is for league dominance.

Both teams each have 17 championships, the most in league history, but will be looking to get the go-ahead title. With LeBron James on the roster, the Lakers have a better chance at winning championship No. 18.

In the first meeting of the season, Jayson Tatum and Dennis Schroder led the Celtics to a blowout victory, inspired by an incredible second-half run at TD Garden. The Lakers were eager to exact revenge, and they had their opportunity last night at Staples Center.

The rivalry is beyond the players on the court, as the legends get involved. Lakers legend James Worthy has been full of criticism for the 2021-22 Lakers team, who have been disappointing so far. But with the 117-102 win over the Celtics, Worthy had renewed confidence in this Lakers team.

Worthy pulled out his cigar in the studio, with jazz playing in the background to celebrate, as it was more about the team they beat than the victory itself. 

"That was a good performance tonight. Still not as sharp as they wanna be, but sharp enough to get that Celtic a**."

It was a dominating win for the Lakers and worthy of high praise. The team operated like a well-oiled machine on both ends of the floor and made sure to avoid a second-half collapse they are known for this season.

The Lakers lost the first quarter by two points but took control of the game in the second quarter and did not give up the lead from then. Tatum was still a problem for the Lakers, as he had one of his more efficient games this season. He made 13 shots from the field on 22 attempts and ended the game with 34 points, 8 rebounds, 3 assists, 1 steal, and 1 block.

Although Tatum was impressive, the Lakers superteam asserted their dominance with LeBron James leading the charge. LBJ finished with a team-high 30 points, four rebounds, and five assists. His efforts on both ends of the floor earned him praises from head coach Frank Vogel, who believes he was pivotal in their win last night.

Anthony Davis added 17 points, 16 rebounds, 3 assists, 2 steals, and 2 blocks. He dominated the paint and played with a bit more aggression, an area the Lakers fans believe he was lacking since he won a championship.

Overall, it was an outstanding performance from the Lakers, who showed how dominant they can be with the caliber of players on their roster. Davis has spoken about how the Lakers can go on a 10, 15-game run. Perhaps this might be the start of that.