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Jason Kidd Spilled His Drink To Get A Time-Out During The Last Moments Of A Game

Jason Kidd Spilled His Drink To Get A Time-Out During The Last Moments Of A Game

Jason Kidd will have another opportunity as a head coach in the NBA. After less than successful stints in Brooklyn and Milwaukee, Kidd is now returning to Dallas as the new head coach of the Mavericks.

Kidd and Dallas have a close relationship. He was able to win the only NBA championship of his career with Mavericks in 2011 when they vanquished LeBron James and the newly-formed Heat super team.

Kidd spent the last few seasons in LA, where he served as an assistant coach for the Los Angeles Lakers. There, he contributed to a championship win, once again at the expense of the Miami Heat.

Kidd is considered one of the smartest minds the NBA has ever seen. During his playing career, Kidd was a star. Playing at the point-guard position, Kidd was a natural playmaker and one of the best in the league during his time.

But Kidd's intelligence was never just limited to his abilities on the court. Despite not achieving major success as a head coach in the league, Kidd has exhibited his ingenuity as a head coach on several occasions.

One such instance came in the most bizarre scenario. When he was coaching the Brooklyn Nets, Kidd employed a genius, but a questionable tactic. 

With the game coming to an end and no time-outs left, Kidd intentionally bumped into his player and spilled his drink. He had even told his player to bump into him to make it look legitimate.

This forced the officials to call a time-out, giving Kidd and his coaching staff the time to draw up a play that could help tie the game. Paul Pierce, who was with the Nets at the time, missed the shot and the Nets eventually lost.

Kidd later admitted to spilling the drink intentionally. The NBA fined Kidd $50,000 for doing so. But surely Kidd would have taken the fine on the chin if it would have gotten his team the win.