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Javale McGee And Pamela McGee Become The First Mother-Son Duo In History With Olympic Golds

JaVale McGee Could Make History By Becoming A Second Generation Basketball Olympic Gold Medalist

Back in 2008, a lot of people thought JaVale McGee was going to be the steal of the draft. He was taken 18th overall and had the body and athleticism to be a dominant two-way big man.

But besides that, McGee had something not many other players had, and that was a privileged gene pool and coming off a successful athletic background.

His mother Pamela McGee was a legend at USC, a two-time NCAA Champion, a WNBA Champion, and a member of the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame. 

And, while JaVale's journey in the league didn't get off to the best start and he was even unemployed for a while, it's fair to say that he's come full circle and redeemed himself.

McGee was often mocked during his first years in the Association. Now, he's a multi-time NBA Champion and an Olympic gold medalist. That's some good way to stick it to your haters.

In fact, with that gold medal, the McGees made history by becoming the first mother-son duo to win Olympic golds.

While he never achieved that status of a dominant big, McGee's rim-running, rim-protection, and never-ending energy shaped him into one of the most serviceable centers in the league. Not a superstar, not even a star, but a winning player all contenders would love to have on their team.

McGee was once again the butt of the joke when he was announced as a replacement for Bradley Beal. He didn't care. He did his job and helped his nation achieve the ultimate goal.

You may or may not like JaVale McGee but he's a proven winner and he doesn't need your validation.