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JaVale McGee Explains Why He Enjoyed Playing More For The Lakers Than He Did For The Warriors

(via San Francisco Chronicle)

(via San Francisco Chronicle)

Even if they're professionals and are asked to give 110% every single night, NBA players have their own preferences.

Some enjoy being used in one way more than the other. Some enjoy playing next to certain types of players, and some enjoy one situation more than the other. It's just human nature.

But, people made a big fuzz when JaVale McGee admitted that he enjoyed more playing with LeBron James than with Stephen Curry, even if those words were slightly taken out of context:

“My answer was I enjoyed playing with LeBron the first year I was on the Lakers but they just they cut off the first year. They just said he enjoyed playing with LeBron and then you know clickbait," McGee said on Shannon Sharpe's Club ShayShay.

“But I enjoyed playing with LeBron the first year on the Lakers because I was the starting center. I had the highest, I had my career-high 30 and 20 game. And I had scored I had a career-high in points that year. So enjoyment, yes I enjoyed succeeding," he added.

“I didn’t enjoy not playing a lot in Golden State, but I enjoyed winning. I enjoyed hanging out with those guys. I enjoyed playing. But you have, everybody has that selfish bone where everybody were like I want to succeed too," the big man explained.

For starters, even if McGee won more rings with the Golden State Warriors, there isn't anything wrong in him saying that he liked another situation the most.

Secondly, he's got some pretty valid points. Even if a player enjoys winning a ring, there's nothing they want to do more than playing and contributing in the pursue of that trophy.

At the end of the day, all that matters is that he did his part and helped both teams achieve their goals.