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Jaylen Brown Is Ready For Next Season After Successful Wrist Surgery: "I Feel Lighter Than Ever, Faster Than Ever, Stronger Than Ever."

(via CelticsBlog)

(via CelticsBlog)

Jaylen Brown missed all of last season's playoffs, after suffering a wrist injury that required surgery. The Boston Celtics lost to the Brooklyn Nets in 5 games as a result of his absence. While the Brooklyn Nets would have been favored by most to win regardless, there's no doubt that Jaylen Brown's presence alongside Jayson Tatum could have helped the series be more competitive.

This season should be a big one for Jaylen Brown, and he'll certainly look to build on his first All-Star appearance from last season. It seems as though wrist surgery went well for Brown, and in an article by Taylor Snow, it was revealed that Brown feels "stronger than ever". He also revealed that he has been watching a lot of film to try and improve his own game.

“I never had surgery before, so this was a first for me. Definitely the mental part of it was interesting. The wrist takes so long to heal, it was kind of frustrating at times. But my body got a chance to heal, my mind got a chance to be refreshed, and right now I feel great. I feel lighter than ever, faster than ever, stronger than ever.”

“My wrist surgery kind of was the emphasis and the focus, but I watched a lot of film. Every time people talk about development, they think it’s like getting on the court and just running up and down for two hours until you’re gassed or something. But a lot of times, the visual practices can work just the same.

“For me, breaking film down, details, looking at guys that do things well and breaking them down and how they do them well and emulating them into your game.”

The Boston Celtics will certainly need a good year from Jaylen Brown, as they will look to potentially get far in the playoffs. They have made the Eastern Conference Finals multiple times in recent memory, but they just haven't been able to get past that level.

Jaylen Brown is one of the premier two-way wings in the game, and he can score well while also taking on tough assignments on the perimeter. Some have even said that Jaylen Brown is the best player on the Boston Celtics. Hopefully, he comes back strong from wrist surgery, and it certainly seems as though he has been putting in a lot of work.