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Jaylen Brown Liked A Tweet Which Claimed He's Disrespected By Celtics Fans: "This Is Not Good For The Boston Celtics"

Jaylen Brown Liked A Tweet Which Claimed He's Disrespected By Celtics Fans: "This Is Not Good For The Boston Celtics"

The Celtics fanbase is one of the more passionate ones in the NBA as of now and they have been for the longest time. They have witnessed success the likes of which only the Lakers can rival and with that, comes very high expectations. They tend to go overboard with both praise as well as criticism and it seems like they have done that with Jaylen Brown.

While he was being hailed as a superstar during their run to the Finals, it seems the criticism for losing the Finals has been a bit more vocal than he would have liked. There has also been some talk of including Brown in a package for Kevin Durant and a Celtics fan on Twitter pointed out how Brown recently liked a tweet where it was said that he is disrespected by the fanbase.

Angering one of your star players is a recipe for disaster and NBA fans had a lot to say about this turn of events.

"TRUTH. People are actually entertaining the idea of trading him for a dude who's 33 and has cooked knees. He sees this. No thanks. Why split up the Jays when they're still young and can further improve? We literally were two wins away from a chip LMAO."

"Two wins away from a championship and we are STILL acting like JB isn’t that guy? I f***ing hate our fans sometimes"

"JB knows he’s Celtics best player but Celtics fans are obsessed with making Tatum their best"

"Celtics fans ruining a special (young) team because they want washed KD would be very very very unsurprising"

"I feel like he’s gonna leave when his contract is up, not just because of this, but this shit doesn’t help"

"This is not good for the Boston Celtics"

"Then maybe you and others should stop giving Marcus smart more praise than brown"

"There some Celtics fans who prefer a guy who loves wear Lakers gear than a guy who really bleeds green."

"This is the same fanbase that boo’d him on draft night. This fanbase takes him for granted. Wouldn’t surprise me if he leaves."

"come be a star at LA bro @FCHWPO 💜💛"

"There really is a big part of our fan base that are these negative, pessimistic, spoiled contrarians. Most of them have never played organized hoops. Arm chair GMs who are wrong like 90% of the time but will ironically be the first to sarcastically laugh when players leave town."

"Only Celtics fans want a major overhaul of their roster after being 2 wins away from a championship and letting one of their young star players know he’s not wanted here"

"The amount of weirdos this fan base has will always be our downfall"

"Celtics fans are so stupid"

"And then these morons will cry when he walks in two years."

"We might lose him thanks to these idiots"

"Whoever’s doing this obviously didn’t watch every game or even the playoffs 😭 stop being fake fans"

"Moronic C's "fans" talking this shit but also JB for even reading this shit lol not good"

"Speaking of the devil: Jaylen Brown would be superb to pair with Lavine as the 1B Bulls should jump all over trying to get JB for DeRozan and picks"

"Boston fans are the Nctzens of NBA"

Brown is right to be upset over the fact that his name is being thrown around in trade talks after he averaged over 23 points per game in this postseason. He was also their leading scorer in the Finals, as Jayson Tatum struggled. These little things tend to add up as time goes by and it'd be a shame if this leads to a split in the coming years.

The Celtics fanbase would be hoping that it's not the case as the team as presently constructed, is set to contend for titles for the years to come if they stick together.