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Jaylen Brown On Jayson Tatum: "That Boy Is Destined For Greatness."

(via Hardwood Houdini)

(via Hardwood Houdini)

When you talk about the most exciting players in the league, you have to mention Jayson Tatum. Many have compared his shot-making ability to the late Kobe Bryant. The two have even worked out together, and it seems as though Jayson Tatum looks to be one of the next great small forwards in this league. Overall, Jayson Tatum's offensive package is one of the best in the league.

Jayson Tatum has recently scored 60 points in a win against the San Antonio Spurs, tying Larry Bird for the most points scored in a game in franchise history. To have your name mentioned alongside the greats is already a great achievement. Tatum's flawless game has caused co-star Jaylen Brown to suggest that Tatum is destined for greatness in the future.

Jaylen Brown is correct in his assessment, as it definitely looks like Jayson Tatum could develop into an all-time scorer. While Jayson Tatum's individual play has improved this season, the Boston Celtics are only 6th in the Western Conference. However, they have had some convincing wins in the past few weeks, suggesting that they could be better once the whole team becomes more consistent in the future.

The Boston Celtics think highly of their current core, and Jayson Tatum is one of the key reasons why. He is their franchise centerpiece, and he has a solid supporting cast to help him bring them to a championship. Hopefully, Jayson Tatum is able to bring the Celtics to victory in a future Finals series, and add to their already full trophy cabinet.