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Jayson Tatum Explains How LeBron James' Agent, Rich Paul, Convinced Him To Pose For A Legendary Group Photo At Draymond Green's Wedding

Jayson Tatum Explains How LeBron James' Agent, Rich Paul, Convinced Him To Pose For A Legendary Group Photo At Draymond Green's Wedding

There have been many iconic pictures throughout the course of NBA history, but not many can top the photoshoot taken at Draymond Green's wedding in August.

Described as a luxurious and impressive event, Draymond's wedding featured guests like LeBron James, Stephen Curry, and many other players who have earned Dray's respect.

Celtics superstar Jayson Tatum was also in attendance that night and even came away with a story about the experience.

NBA Super Agent Rich Paul Recently Posed For A Viral Picture With LeBron James, Stephen Curry, And Jayson Tatum

It seems like Tatum (along with everybody else) had an amazing time at the wedding, which makes sense because of how high the final bill must have been. In a chat with Bleacher Report's Taylor Rooks, he explained how the event went for him and how Rich Paul called him over for a legendary group photo.

“I went to Draymond’s wedding. They just beat us in the Finals, it was kinda tough seeing all the team there. Draymond is a great friend of mine, and I felt honored that he wanted me to be there at that special day. I saw the photobooth and there was a long line. LeBron, Steph, and Draymond were taking a picture, they all got 4 rings. I was walking past, and Rich, Rich Paul was right there, and he grabbed me. He was like, ‘yo, come take this picture with us!’ I wasn’t gonna say no. We took a normal one, and then Draymond was like, “yo, it’s my wedding, we gotta turn it up!”

Now, more than anytime before, the NBA is a community, and even stars who directly compete against each other aren't above forging friendships with the enemy.

For Tatum, that's exactly the situation between him and Green. Despite meeting up and facing off in the NBA Finals, Draymond seems to hold a tremendous amount of respect and admiration for Tatum as both an athlete and a man.

"Your only goal going into next year should be 'I'm 100% gonna be the MVP of the NBA next year," Green told Tatum on his podcast. "You should be the MVP of the NBA next year... a lot of people don't realize how young you are. I didn't either until we got to the Olympics and I'm just sitting there and we're all kicking it and some of the questions you were asking I'm like 'man.' You've been doing it at this level since you came into the league. your rookie year, which is now 5 years. And so, people tend to think, like, 'oh no, you just one of us because of the level you been doing it at."

It's not every day that you get invited to the wedding of an NBA champion, and it's even rarer to be included in a picture featuring big-time celebrities like LeBron James and Rich Paul, who has become quite successful in the industry.

Apparently, even he (who is an agent, not a player) has enough pull to get Jayson Tatum to stop in his tracks and pose for the camera.