Jayson Tatum Shares A Funny Story Of When He Met Michael Jordan: "When I Went To Go Shake His Hand, I Knocked Over His Wine Glass On The Table And It Broke.”

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Jayson Tatum

Even if we tend to think of them as 'superpeople', NBA players are just like everybody else. They have dreams, fears, and idols like the next of us.

For years, we've witnessed how young players who used to be fans end up playing against the stars they grew looking up to. We've seen multiple pictures of Trae Young and Karl-Anthony Towns with current players from when they weren't even close to becoming pros.

And, while they are most definitely used to being around the rich and famous nowadays, I'm sure that they were all overwhelmed to meet their idols when they first entered the league.

That was the case with Jayson Tatum when he got the chance to meet Michael Jordan himself. According to a recent interview with CLNS media, he was so nervous that he knocked over his glass of wine and even broke a table:

"So it was like Melo was there, Blake was there, Russ, Spike Lee, like everybody was there," Tatum said. “I walk in and I was like I’m gonna say ‘what’s up’ to him before I sit down… Then I walk over to him, and like my hands start sweating, and I was like ‘What’s up Mike?’ When I went to go shake his hands, I knocked over his wine glass on the table and it broke.”

I'm sure it's not the first time that a person - let alone an NBA player - has a similar reaction when meeting the GOAT for the first time.

Hopefully, that's all water under the bridge now and Tatum can at least shake his hand without knocking over his beverage.