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Jeanie Buss' Old Tweets About NBA Players Were Wild And Thirsty: "Kevin Durant Has Those Extra Long Arms Like Phil Jackson. They Come In Handy."

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Jeanie Buss made headlines last Sunday when she decided to leave the Los Angeles Lakers-New Orleans Pelicans game at Arena amid a blowout loss for the Purple and Gold. 

Just like her, the rest of the Lakers faithful are growing impatient with the team. They can't get things done and many people believe the front office needs to make big moves to improve their performance. That won't happen this season, but the summer will bring a lot of challenges for the 17-time NBA champions. 

Meanwhile, Buss has been making headlines on social media. Somehow, NBA fans decided to dig in Buss' old tweets, finding some interesting things. The 60-year-old used to send wild tweets while talking about NBA players. Young stars like Kevin Durant, Kevin Love, and more were the subject of Buss' tweets. 

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Even Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan were mentioned by Buss, who decided who was more handsome between His Airness and the Black Mamba. 

Of course, fans had a big reaction to these tweets, but these are old messages. A lot of water has passed under the bridge and Jeanie is in a relationship now. Still, who doesn't have old tweets that make a lot of people laugh? But for Jeanie, however, this is different. She allegedly dated Dennis Rodman back in the day and had a relationship with Phil Jackson, too.

The Lakers are in a complex position right now. Without the play-in tournament, they would be out of the playoffs. This season has been a nightmare for the 2020 NBA champions, who are seven games under the .500 mark. 

Buss, Rob Pelinka and co. need to find a solution to this issue, or things will get a lot worse for the franchise. LeBron James, Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook have been criticized this year, but the front office is also responsible for the team's struggling season.