Jeremy Lin Says Racist Players Have Called Him "Coronavirus" On The Court

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via NBA

via NBA

Jeremy Lin is one of the few Asian-Americans to have made it to the NBA. Jeremy Lin gained his fame during his "Linsanity" stretch, where he looked like a genuine star. While he didn't reach those heights again, over time, Jeremy Lin became a great veteran and a journeyman around the league. He is a solid point guard who can set up his teammates and drive to the hoop. He is currently playing for the Golden State Warriors' G-League affiliate, the Santa Cruz Warriors.

Despite Jeremy Lin's status as an NBA veteran, he has still suffered from racism directed towards Asian-Americans. In a recent Facebook post, Jeremy Lin has spoken out on racism suffered by Asian-Americans and has suggested that he has been called "Coronavirus" on the court by some of his opponents.

That sort of behavior is not a good look for the NBA, as they have consistently stated their opposition to racism and the desire for equality for everyone. It is good that Jeremy Lin has spoken out on the issues that he has faced even playing at the professional level, and hopefully, the NBA responds to the matter in a timely fashion. Racist remarks should be addressed from any source.

Jeremy Lin has had a good start to his G-League season, and one can only want for the best for the NBA veteran, especially after hearing what he has had to go through. Racism has no place in sports. Hopefully, Jeremy Lin finds a spot on an NBA roster soon, and be able to contribute to a team.