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Jerry West On Michael Jordan: "This Guy Has Done More Spectacular Things Than Any Basketball Player That I Have Ever Seen."

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Michael Jordan holds a special place in the pantheon of NBA legends, and there are few superstars in history that can rival his resume. Two three-peats and an unblemished record in the Finals. Clutch shots and high-scoring games. For a shooting guard, Michael Jordan had the full package and was good both defensively and offensively.

Both fans and players have expressed just how ridiculous Michael Jordan was as a basketball player, and there's definitely a certain mystique about him. The Last Dance documentary shed more light on Jordan's time with the Bulls, and many fans were given a closer look at the player many consider the GOAT.

Jerry West is a former player has recently stated his admiration for Michael Jordan and claimed that Jordan "has done more spectacular things" than any other player that he has witnessed.

This guy has done more spectacular things than any basketball player I've ever seen... I've ever seen.

The thing that people don't realize is some of the stuff he could do. He was the best defensive player in the league, and he was the best offensive player.

We all know that Michael Jordan did some eye-catching things on the court for the Chicago Bulls. He was obviously a generational talent that few could compete against, and Michael Jordan was simply unstoppable in his prime from 1991-1998, losing only one series to the Orlando Magic in 1995, but even that came after he was making his comeback from baseball. He also swept that same Magic team the next season. 

There have been others, such as LeBron James and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar that people consider to have cases for being the GOAT of basketball. However, Michael Jordan still reigns supreme in most people's minds, and what he has accomplished in the sport is truly legendary. Some, like Stephen A. Smith, consider him the GOAT of all sports, not just basketball. It's clear that Jordan's play left an imprint on many, and even the highlights can't correctly portray just how spectacular his game was.