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Jimmy Butler On What Is His Motivation In The Bubble: "I'm Here Sacrificing What I'm Sacrificing For My Family, I'm Going To Bring Them A Championship"

(via The Sports Rush)

(via The Sports Rush)

Jimmy Butler is doing a great job as the leader of the Miami Heat, taking his team to have a 10-1 record this postseason, dominating every series they have played so far. They got past the Indiana Pacers, the Giannis Antetokounmpo-led Milwaukee Bucks and now are doing the same with the Boston Celtics.

On Thursday night, Butler led the Heat to return from a 17-point deficit to win the game, 106-101. During the last minutes of the game, Butler had the responsibility of defending and he did it in a great way, recording 3 steals in the final four minutes of the game.

He was all over the place and even though he wasn't the best offensive player of the team, Butler still managed to impact the game. He looks inspired and when asked about what was the main reason for that inspiration, he talked about all the people that are watching him at home.

"I'm here sacrificing what I'm sacrificing for my family, I'm going to bring them a championship," Butler said after the game.

The man is on a mission and he won't stop until he reaches his goal. Butler is ready to win it all this season and seeing the team he has with all the talent, skills and especially the heart they show every day, the Heat have a big chance to lift the Larry O'Brien trophy next October. This has been one of the best stories in the bubble and it doesn't look like it will change.

Miami is up 2-0 against the Celtics and seeing how the first two games of the series have developed, it doesn't seem like they're going to lose that advantage.