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Jimmy Butler's Agent Rips Shams Charania: "Shut The F*ck Up, You Click Bait, Ambulance Chasing, Dirt Bag Piece Of S*it."

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Shams Charania is known as one of the top NBA insiders in the media. Along with Adrian Wojnarowski, they are widely viewed as the top journalists who deliver accurate news on the NBA.

During a Stadium Playoff Preview, Shams Charania suggested that Jimmy Butler had problems with members of the Miami Heat, including the coaching staff and the roster with "testy moments" occurring behind the scenes.

Despite Shams Charania usually reporting precise information, it looks as though he may have been incorrect. Jimmy Butler's agent, Bernard Lee, had some strong words on Charania's report. He blasted Charania, portraying him as a reporter who chases clickbait and who is a "dirt bag".

There is always going to be some conflict behind the scenes at any top-tier organization. Everyone wants to win, and there is no doubt that arguments happen over how to achieve that goal. While there may be in-house arguments between players and coaching staff, usually that information is kept within the team. 

Bernard Lee categorically denied the rumor and has even said that no one has told Charania this happened because "it is not reality", and has claimed that they are good with the team. There is a point to make that Jimmy Butler has been vocal about how much he likes the Heat in the past, so him completely falling out with the franchise is probably out of the question.

The Miami Heat have managed to avoid the play-in tournament and face off against the Milwaukee Bucks in the first round of the playoffs. They could potentially upset the Milwaukee Bucks again. The team clearly respects Jimmy Butler for how far he has led them: it is doubtful that there is anyone in the organization that has real hate for Butler.