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JJ Redick Claims LeBron James Is Secretly Working Out In Bel-Air Mansion

(via Lakers Daily)

(via Lakers Daily)

When it comes to natural basketball skill, LeBron James was born blessed. But for as much natural talent as he has, he's also among the NBA's All-Time best at conditioning.

James has spent millions of dollars and countless hours in the weight room, staying in shape, and keeping his body in top condition.

In fact, even now, the Lakers superstar is working. According to JJ Redick, the entire Lakers team may have been balling this whole time -- in some hidden mansion in L.A.

Bill Simmons: Have you heard, there’s this L.A. rumor right now and I haven’t been able to crack it, of all the Lakers are playing at some rich guy’s house. And it’s all like ‘nobody talk about this,’ but have you heard about different rumors, and what teams are doing, and all that? Are you expecting people to show up (to Orlando) out of shape? What do you think?

JJ Redick: All right, so in regards to the Lakers, I’ve heard similar things. Obviously nothing has been posted on social media providing us with the evidence that we need, but there is a gentleman, I think his house is in Bel-Air, who has a Staples Center replica in his backyard. It’s a full court, locker rooms, weight rooms, steam shower, whatever you want. I’ve worked out there before. My assumption is those guys are working out there, that would make a lot of sense.

It's not particularly shocking that LeBron James has found a way to stay in shape, even throughout this pandemic and protests worldwide. But the fact that the entire team has been practicing in this "secret" court is kind of wild -- and may be really important in their quest for a title.

When the season resumes in July, the Lakers should be at peak strength and it will be interesting to see if they can take advantage of it.