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Joel Embiid Seemingly Took Shots At Ben Simmons When Talking About Playing With James Harden: "It's Not Going To Be Hard. We're Not Talking About Non-Shooters Or Guys That Are Limited Offensively."

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The Philadelphia 76ers managed to acquire James Harden in exchange for a Ben Simmons-centered package at the trade deadline. While both players are stars in their own right, it is obvious that James Harden is a better fit with Joel Embiid due to his perimeter-oriented playstyle.

Joel Embiid has recently taken some shots at Ben Simmons when talking about playing with James Harden, claiming that playing with the mercurial guard is "not going to be hard" as he isn't a non-shooter or limited offensively. He also lauded James Harden's playmaking ability, adding that "he's really going to help the whole team" with his passing.

It's not going to be hard. We're not talking about non-shooters or guys that are limited offensively. We're talking about James Harden. You see what he did in Houston, whether it was scoring the ball and then going to Brooklyn and all the talent offensively. And he became a way better playmaker, averaging ten assists. It's not going to be hard at all. I think he's really going to help the whole team in that role, so I'm excited.

Ben Simmons is a DPOY candidate when he's healthy and playing, but offense/scoring is clearly an area where he can improve, which is what Joel Embiid is seemingly alluding to here. It is clear that Joel Embiid is happy to be playing with a star that fits his talents, and we'll see just how far the Philadelphia 76ers can go in the future. Joel Embiid himself has been an MVP-caliber player this season, so it was good to see the 76ers pull the trigger on a win-now trade at the deadline.

James Harden has had a great debut with the Philadelphia 76ers today, putting up 27 points, 8 rebounds, and 12 assists in a blowout against the Minnesota Timberwolves. Hopefully, this is a beginning of a fruitful new chapter in his basketball career. The Philadelphia 76ers have a genuine chance of winning the championship this year.