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John Collins Trolls Joel Embiid With A Shirt Of Him Posterizing Embiid

(via Atlanta Hawks)

(via Atlanta Hawks)

John Collins is officially a savage after showing up to the postgame press conference wearing a shirt of him dunking on Philadelphia 76ers' Joel Embiid. 

Like their respective teams, these two players went at it every night, showing their intensity and competitiveness. In Game 6, things got a little heated between the big men when Embiid got into Collins' face after a hard play in the paint. 

Despite getting fined for that sequence, Embiid suffered the slander of Collins. In that same game, the Hawks' big man threw it down on JoJo, posterizing him with a spectacular dunk. Collins didn't forget that moment and made a shirt to remember the play. 

He showed off in the press conference, sparking many reactions around the league. The Hawks weren't afraid of anything, and Collins' shirt confirms that. 

The Hawks are ready to face a big challenge in Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Milwaukee Bucks, hoping to surprise them as they did against the New York Knicks and 76ers. 

The job won't be easy. It will get a lot harder, but this team has proven they are ready to make history. The 2021 playoffs have given us delightful surprises, and these Hawks are one of them.