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John Wall Gets Hype After His Flashy Move: "Put That Sh-t On Camera!"

Johnn Wall

There was once a time where John Wall was considered a top point guard in the game. During his heyday in D.C., he was basically unmatched in terms of his speed, athleticism, and his ability to finish at the rim.

Unfortunately, the 5x All-Star suffered a brutal Achilles tear that completely derailed his career.

He missed over a year of his career and went to the Rockets in 2020 with a whole lot to prove.

Through 30 games in Houston, Wall never did convince anyone he would ever return to being the player he once was.

Still, the guy is making strides in showing he can still be a quality guard in this league.

On Wednesday, Wall showed us a glimpse of what he's still capable of. In a video that is going viral, the star point guard is filmed getting pumped after pulling off an impressive play on notorious basketball trainer Chris Johnson to drop the ball in the hole for a bucket.

No matter your expectations of John Wall, the clip is a great thing to see for more reasons than one. Not only does it show off Wall's signature speed and ball-handling abilities, but it also lets us see his passion and excitement for the game.

It's no surprise fans were loving it.

Needless to say, there are plenty of reasons to be excited about John Wall. If he can come back and play at 75% of what he was in his prime, great things are to come.

The question now, though, is this: where will John Wall play?

 With his time in Houston all-but over now, it won't be long before he's gets traded to a new team. Hopefully, wherever he goes, he can provide a boost for them along their path to a Championship.

Whatever the case, the future looks bright.