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Julius Randle Blasts Fan Who Spit On Trae Young: "There's No Place For That."

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The New York Knicks and the Atlanta Hawks are in the middle of a heated playoff series. This first-round matchup was pegged by many as being one of the best series due to the somewhat even talent on both teams. It is also highlighted by two rising stars, Julius Randle and Trae Young. Both look like they will be the leaders of their team for a long time.

There was an incident with Trae Young, where a New York Knicks fan spit on him. That fan has been banned for life by the New York Knicks after their investigation of the incident. Julius Randle has recently commented on the incident and maintained that there is no place for that in basketball.

There is no doubt that this sort of behavior is unacceptable. Just because one pays to go see a game, doesn't mean that they can act without any common decency. There is always going to be heckling in arenas from fans, that is absolutely normal. However, there are certain things that just shouldn't be done.

Today will be an opportunity for either team to take the upper hand in the series. It could go either way, but the Atlanta Hawks do have the advantage playing at home.