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Julius Randle Talks Relationship With Kobe Bryant: "Honestly, I Think About Him Every Day... For Me, I Know Just The Relationship I Had With Him, He'd Be Proud."

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Before Julius Randle became an All-Star in New York, he spent some time playing for other franchises. He spent four years with the Los Angeles Lakers and was teammates with the great Kobe Bryant. The two shared a close relationship, and you can see some of Bryant's influence in Randle's own hard-working mindset. Julius Randle's hard work paid off this season, as he brought the New York Knicks into a position where they could potentially compete in the playoffs.

Recently, Julius Randle talked to Adrian Wojnarowski about Kobe Bryant and his relationship with the Lakers' legend. Many players looked up to Kobe Bryant, and Julius Randle is no different. Julius Randle mentions that he thinks about Kobe Bryant every day, and that he feels like the Mamba would be proud of where Randle is at now.

Honestly, I think about him everyday... I was talking to my wife yesterday about it and I was like "It's kinda surreal, just the journey throughout my career, and how everything is going right now. For me, I know, just the relationship that I had with him, that he would be proud". But yeah man, it's tough... I'd love for him to be able to see it.

Julius Randle leading the New York Knicks isn't the easiest thing in the world. He is one of the key people who is helping revive the historic franchise, and could potentially bring them to greatness. Julius Randle has made many across the league proud, and if Kobe Bryant were able to witness his ascension, he'd feel the same way.