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Kendrick Perkins Calls Out Russell Westbrook For His Comments After Loss To Bucks: "I'm Extremely Bothered..."

Russell Westbrook

Amid trying times for the Lakers, Russell Westbrook is doing his best to weather the storm and show support for his coaches and teammates.

But after being benched again against the Bucks on Tuesday, Russ let some of his frustration show after the game, when he called out the coaching staff for choosing to keep him from the court in the fourth quarter.

(via Sports Illustrated)

“I don't got that answer for you, brother,” Westbrook responded when asked whether he had a sense for the benchmarks he needed to hit to get back into the closing lineup. “I wish I did. I shouldn't have to hit any benchmark, to be honest. I put in a lot of work, and I got a lot of respect in this game. I don't have to hit a benchmark, or I shouldn't have to. I earned the right to be in closing lineups. ... Numbers would say [that]; I don't have to. 

It's clear that Russ isn't thrilled about his benching or his role on the team in general. In his mind, he has already earned the right to close out games -- no matter what the numbers show this season.

But in a recent segment on NBA Countdown, ESPN's Kendrick Perkins called out Westbrook for his comments and called for more accountability on his part.

"I'm extremely bothered by Russ and those comments after the game. For the simple fact that accountability is huge and Russell Westbrook is shying away from that word for some reason. He can't sit up here and say 'hey I was brought here to help but it's out of my hands.' No, it's been in your hands. You just haven't delivered. And you know what's weird to me? They have a guy over there by the name of Phil Handy, coach Phil Handy -- arguably the best developmental guy in the NBA. For some reason, Russell Westbrook just won't give Phil Handy a chance and every night I'm watching his game struggle.

The problem that I have is that you can't come on here and blame coach Frank Vogel cause coach Frank Vogel has stuck with you long enough. He's tolerated you, had your back in multiple interviews saying 'Russ will be fine,' we have to get our chemistry.' Sooner or later, he gotta figure it out. What Russell Westbrook needs to do is get the trust back of his coaches and players."

After 13 years in the NBA, it's not going to be easy for Russ to accept his new fate. He's been a premier star for years now, leading the Thunder, Rockets, and Wizards as the main point guard.

In L.A., he is facing a new reality and it's not necessarily anything he would have hoped for. 

At this point, all he can do is put his head down, go to work, and try his best to be the best player he could possibly be.