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Kendrick Perkins: 'James Harden Will Be Traded To Philly For Ben Simmons'

Kendrick Perkins: 'James Harden Will Be Traded To Philly For Ben Simmons'

James Harden's future with the Houston Rockets is reportedly nearing its end after he requested a trade, preferably for the Brooklyn Nets. Those rumors have gotten bigger in recent days but nothing is official now. The Rockets were reportedly asking a high price for their superstar and the Nets weren't willing to give up one of theirs to bring the Beard to Brooklyn.

There is another option for Houston and the shooting guard, though, with the Philadelphia 76ers trying to make a push for the 2018 NBA MVP. Harden is yet to show up to individual workouts and the Rockets' first practice is set to take place this Sunday. Perkins recently stated that the Rockets aren't rushing to deal Harden somewhere else, as they want to give it a try with Harden for a little before making a final decision.

"They are not thinking about trading James. Not right now. Not unless they can get back the same caliber, just a little lower caliber player than James Harden."

“People keep saying the Brooklyn Nets. But if they trade James, they will probably want Kyrie Irving,” explained Perkins. “Right now, the Rockets are staying put. I think they’re going to give it a trial run for the first part of the season or for thirty games. They’re going to see how it goes.”

Perk didn't stay there, as he went further and predicted that the Philadelphia 76ers, not the Brooklyn Nets, are going to be Harden's next team in the NBA. In fact, he said that Ben Simmons was going to be part of that deal.

“If it’s not going well, I'm going to tell you this, keep an eye on Philly,” said Perkins. “If Philly is not playing up to expectations or playing really good basketball. And Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid are not fitting well, even with Doc Rivers. You can expect Daryl Morey to go aggressively after James Harden.

“I am almost 60% sure that if things aren’t going well in Houston, I think James Harden will be traded to Philly for Ben Simmons,” Perkins added.

It would be weird to see John Wall and Ben Simmons on the same team unless the Aussie player starts playing as a power forward for the Rockets. Still, that would give the team two stars that can't shoot in a league that's driven by the 3-point shot.

Reports also said that the Rockets owner didn't want Harden to reunite with Daryl Morey in Philly so this is very unlikely to happen right now. We'll see how this situation develops, but it's clear that Harden doesn't want to stay in Houston.