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Kevin Durant And Stephen Curry Have The Same Number Of Points And PPG Average So Far This Season

Kevin Durant And Stephen Curry Have Exact Number Of Points And PPG So Far This Season

Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant are two of the best players in the league. The two superstars played together for three seasons with the Golden State Warriors, winning two NBA rings in the aforementioned time. 

But after the loss to the Toronto Raptors in the 2019 NBA Finals, the duo went their separate ways. While Steph stayed with the Warriors, Durant started a new chapter in his career with the Brooklyn Nets.

Regardless of their teams, one thing has remained constant: KD and Steph are putting up monster numbers. The two superstars have currently led their teams to the number one seed in their respective conferences.

Moreover, both players are unarguably the best players on their teams. It is no surprise that they are going neck to neck in the race to win the scoring title. In fact, as things stand right now, nothing separates the two.

Thanks to a post by Reddit user u/pedja13, it was brought to light that Steph has so far accumulated 544 points so far this season. The same is the case for Kevin Durant, who also has 544 points in 19 games played.

Currently, the two superstars are scoring 28.6 points per game and are tied for the top scorers in the league. This is unarguably one of the closest races to clinching the scoring title that we have seen in years.

As the season progresses, most likely either of the players will take the lead. But if that's not the case, it will truly become a historical feat on their part.

Talking about how well their teams are playing. The Dubs currently have the best record in the league with 18 wins under their belt and just two defeats. It is one of the best starts to a season that fans have witnessed and the best part is Klay Thompson will soon join the team as well.

On the other hand, the Brooklyn Nets have a record of 14-6. The Nets aren't at their full strength either, with Kyrie Irving most likely sitting out the entire season due to not getting vaccinated.

All things considered, we might finally witness a Steph vs. KD showdown in the NBA Finals. It will be an insane matchup and will have the entire world's eyes glued to the potential matchup.

Stats: Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant.