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Kevin Durant Breaks His Silence On The Hiring Of Steve Nash: "I'm Excited. His Insight For The Game Is Gonna Help Me Develop And It's Going To Help Our Team."

(via Medium)

(via Medium)

Kevin Durant and his new head coach Steve Nash have a history with each other. First, as a competitor, then as a workout partner, and then as a player development consultant in Golden State.

A lot of current and former players hold Nash in high regard and have a tremendous amount of respect for him and Kevin Durant seemingly feels the same way.

For the first time since the Nets hired him as the new head coach earlier this week, Durant spoke on what it all means and how he feels about the move.

"I'm excited. Anytime a former player gets a job as a coach in the league I'm excited cause their level of knowledge for the game runs deep, especially experiencing them on the floor. His insight for the game, his communication, how he communicates the game of basketball, is definitely going to help me as a player develop and it's gonna help the rest of our team.

Our relationship started with me playing him and admiring him as a player and then playing against him and competing against him and finally getting the chance to workout with Steve, probably gonna say 7-8 years ago. Understood how his mind works for the game and every time in the gym with him I was always like a sponge, so, I'm looking forward to this man."

(via The Old Man & The Three)

There has been some noise stirring within the community about whether or not Steve deserves the job. On First Take, ESPN's Stephen A. Smith even went so far as to claim white privilege played a role in the hiring.

Whatever the case, one cannot deny Nash's brilliance when it comes to the game. During his playing days, he had exceptional court vision and high basketball IQ to match his natural leadership abilities.

Nash may lack some of the qualifications most new hires have, but the way in which people revere his personality and knowledge of the game may more than accommodate for his lack of experience.

After Durant's comments, it's clear that he's on board with the hiring.

Let's hope it bears some fruit.